Busy Gym

So last night, I met my foe at the gym. 


Yes, my foe is an inanimate object and it does intimidate me.  Our Y has quite a few classes available and when I work the earlier shift, the Monday/Wednesday class works for me.  It can range from 45 minutes to 1 hour and it kicks my butt every time.  The class before ours was so full that they had to turn people away.  Over the last 2 months, our gym has become increasingly busy.  While there is plenty of equipment to go around, it’s definitely not as comfortable as it was before.

The Husband did a little work but ended up heading home before me because he couldn’t take the crowds at the circuit machines.  This is sad because I am definitely at my work out peak after work hours.  I am ready to go and can definitely commit to working out.  However, I can’t get the Husband’s committment to work out in a busy gym and he won’t do the classes.

We are going to try again tonight an hour later and see how it works out.  Working out at 6:00 cuts down on the crowds but it also cuts down on my energy that I am willing to commit.  The next 2 weeks are so are going to be rough on the schedule due to the family extravaganza but we need to get our workouts in.  I’ve don 2/4 workouts this week with 1 planned for tonight and 1 for Saturday morning.

How do you deal with a busy gym?




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2 responses to “Busy Gym

  1. I work at a gym. Let me tell you, you haven’t seen busy yet. People are gearing up for Thanksgiving right now but after that through mid January it’s going to be CRAZY. It will die down once the weather gets nice out (usually March-ish), and then get crazy again late May if there is a pool on site. I find that the best time to work out is on off-hours. 2am-5am are ideal for non crowds, so is 7-9pm. Not ideal for motivation though, I’m with you on having to do it right after work. Though work for me is working out. lol

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