An epiphany of sorts… Half way through NaBloPoMo

Everyone seems to be having epiphanies about their blogs and why they write as we have now reached the half-way point of November and NaBloPoMo.  I have definitely found a rhythm to my writing schedule but I haven’t yet found my voice (or my niche).  I definitely have blogs that I read every day and wish that I could be like but I know that I need to do my own thing. 

I am starting to know what I am not.  I am not a full time food blogger.  I love to share my experiences with food but I don’t always do the cooking so explaining the recipes can be a bit daunting.  I hope that someday I can convince the Husband to guest write some food posts as a guest but he isn’t quite on board with that.

I am not a health/fitness blogger.  I would love to be but for me, my relationship with the gym and healthy living has definitely been an on again/off again relationship.  Once again, I like to clue everyone in on what I am thinking and doing but I don’t have a lifestyle to share, let alone emulate.

I am also not a mommy blogger, political blogger, activist blogger, fashion blogger, or any other kind of blogger.  There are a lot of things that I am not an expert in but I may still chime in from time to time.

What I do know is that I really love documenting what I do so that I can share my exciting experiences and firsts with everyone, including friends and family far away.  I love to have an excuse to take pictures of everything so that I have blog fodder.  I would really like to find my voice and I definitely think that it will be a journey.  I love reading blogs like Healthy Tipping Point and Young House Love because they seem so accomplished.  I also love to read newer blogs of writers trying to find their own voice. 

I know that I have goals for my blog.  I would love to make some better sections, update my about me section, and make the blog as a whole look more professional (and more me!)  I would like to self-host and I would love to hire someone to design a page for me.  I would love to connect with other bloggers I read IRL and I would love to be able to make some meaningful connections through my sharing.  I have found such a great community full of interesting voices, new recipes, and wonderful advice.  I hope that this blog, if nothing else, leads to meaningful and impactful relationships. 

I would love to someday be able to make a career out of sharing my opinion but for now I will write during my lunch breaks at work and after work outs late in the evening.  I will hopefully be chronicling my return back to the academic world next year, and I will continue to pull over at the scenic overlook to take pictures of the snow!



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  1. Hi! I’ve been reading your site for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Tx! Just wanted to mention keep up the good job!

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