Having a blast!

So this weekend, the Husband’s parents arrived and we went up to Breckenridge.  I have never been so I had a blast!!!  There was a light snow all weekend, fun shopping, and great food.  The Husband’s mom and I also headed to the spa for a pedi and a face/neck massage.  I also found out that the drive from home to Breckenridge really wasn’t so bad.  Maybe we’ll go back. I don’t know if I’m ready to ski Breck though.  Only time will tell.


Today I sadly had to be up early to get Maggie in to be groomed.  After that, it was off to work for the 8:00 start.  We all met up for lunch at Smiling Moose and then a few more hours of work.  Once we got home, the Husband’s mom and I went shopping and then we came home to make soup with his dad.  We had Chicken Tortilla Soup and Farmer’s Market tamales for dinner.  So good!


My parents and grandparents get here tomorrow.  We have been picking up and sorting tonight.  I would love to curl up and do nothing right now (it’s almost 10 PM) but I have a few more things to do.  One more day of work and then it’s time to relax!!

how many calories in a glass of wine



Are you on vacation yet?



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3 responses to “Having a blast!

  1. Massages…shopping…food… ok, I might be a little jealous over here 🙂

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