Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

So I finally have all of my family in town.  It’s 8:00 PM and we are finally getting the pies in for tomorrow.  We made several touristy stops today and I think I am all ready for bed. 

It’s amazing how little work it will be to entertainment 8 extra individuals and how tired I end up feeling.  I love my family and I love having them around I just didn’t expect to be this tired.  I think that tomorrow will be great as we wil celebrate and be thankful for our family and we will also usher in the start of a new season of the year by decorating for the Christmas holiday.  I don’t get to spend Christmas with my whole family so tomorrow gets to be a collaberation.  I certainly miss parts of the family that can’t join us and the traditions that come with doing the holidays back in Iowa but it is definitely nice to make our own traditions and create our own memories.

I swear that I photographed everything today but I just don’t have the access (or the time) to put a full picture post together.  That will definitely be something for tomorrow as I recover from my Turkey coma!




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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

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