That was easy!

So I just sent four emails out asking for the support of some of my previous mentors and teachers.  I am hoping that despite nervous errors, the individuals will provide some positive feedback.  I know that I waited too long to send the request but the application deadline is still six weeks away.

I have decided to not retake the GRE this time around.  From everyone I have talked to, the GRE is such a small part of the overall process for choosing candidates.  I hope that my grades, letters, and personal statement can win the review board over.

I really want to be in school this time next year.  I so badly wish that next year at this time, I will elbow deep in finals prep and papers.  I so miss the reading, the writing, and the academic pursuit of religion.  It’s amazing to share the insights I have as well as hear others put the pieces together.  More than anything I love sharing the knowledge with others.

At this point, I feel like as long as I do the steps necessary it’s out of my hands and I have to make sure that I fit the program’s needs as well.  Applying for grad school seems to be such a gamble because it isn’t just about fitting the grad student profile but it also about fitting the school’s profile.  I know that I love my home and what we have built here and I am not ready to move on so I hope that CU lets me move in!

Fingers crossed for the next step!



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