Even easier than I thought

So last night I commented on how I sent requests for recommendation letters.  I was nervous and definitely didn’t know how my requests would be received…

Today there were four positive responses in my inbox!  I am so relieved that it was so easy.  I thought that no one would remember me or that they wouldn’t have anything to say for me.  With enough background data, it seems that four letters will be available to me.  THANK YOU MENTORS!

Today was a little slow.  This was good because I am still not up to 100% and the Husband isn’t either.  We didn’t really want to do much tonight so we cuddled up to watch Inception.  Still not sure what I think but everything came together for me.  I get the concept of the movie but I definitely see a little Matrix and a little What Lies Beneath.  I think I will need a couple of nights sleep (and a few dreams) for things to sink in.


Tomorrow will be one of our last warm days before the artic blast sets in.  Hopefully I will get Maggie out for a walk tomorrow.  She also seems a bit sluggish.



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