The end of a chapter

So my first time through, NaBloMoPo wasn’t that bad.  Some days it was a challenge to make sure that I got something out.  The holiday week was especially hard.  Getting 15 minutes to sneak away and empty my brain was sometimes a game.

What did I learn?  I learned that I am a niche-less blogger.  While I love writing about food, reviews, books, and the occasional work out post, I am more about writing about my life.  I love to share my ups and downs and what is going on with me.  I hope to eventually write about going back to school and what it’s like to start something new but for now I will write about me!

Where will I go from here?  I plan to write on a daily basis still.  I really would like to write in the morning but I don’t think it will happen.  I have definitely learned over the last 30 days it is important to be steady with my posts.  Writing is like exercising and you have to get it done early or it comes out like crap.  I have also learned that I working ahead doesn’t work for me.  I know that some people plan ahead and write several posts and schedule posts for the week but I can’t do it!  Because I write about my daily life, planning ahead seems to schedule my life.  I just need to write as I go.  It doesn’t take that long and I need to have my daily catharsis.

What happened tonight…

This morning I had to do breakfast at work.  I had the end of my treat from the Husband’s parents, BRUEGGERS!!!  Best bagels and cream cheese EVER.  We found out that we have one in Denver and I think their cream cheese is worth the 45 minute drive and $5 parking.


Tonight I have been plagued with a bit of a sinus headache and I am ready for a nap.  I did get out the Merry Merry Cranberry wine.  It’s a fun flavored drink that gets my in the spirit of the holidays.  Maybe tomorrow I will drag out the rest of my decorations!


And now it’s time for bed!


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