Winter Wonderland!

Happy December 1st!

So as you can see, we woke up this morning to a white December.  I am not always a fan of snow (or leaving my house under any snowy condition) but being it is December 1st, snow is something to be excited about!  I think that tonight, I will do a little cleaning and a little more decorating. 

The side effect of snow is it took my 90 minutes to get to work instead of 25.  It’s tough coming in when the roads are ok but everyone insists on driving 10 miles per hour “just in case”.  My new tires give me confidence but the clearing roads are not too bad.  I still hear there are accidents but I am not worried.  I am a careful driver with two hands on the wheel!

Thankfully, there are some nice trees around my office so I felt like I should go and capture some Holiday spirit.  The snow will be even nicer tonight when we can see it on all of the Christmas lights.  Wish my camera took better night pictures.  At least the Husband and I can enjoy them on a walk this evening with the pups (dressed warmly in her sweater!).





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