Happy Saturday

Today has been blissfully lazy!  I hope that everyone else had a great Saturday.  Once we got up and got moving (I was the slow one today) we got out and ran our errands.  We stopped to swap out a mirror for the basement bathroom, headed to the grocery store and then headed to the Winter Market.  It was so nice to see our local farmer’s and producers one more time before next Spring.  We got a few of our Holiday gifts together.  It’ definitely nice to get that out of the way. 

We also learned a valuable lesson at the grocery store.  READ YOUR RECEIPT!!  So many people will accept whatever the cashier says as truth and you may be losing out.  Once we got in the car, we thought that our receipt was about $10 off.  After we looked over everything, there were a handful of errors where store deals and coupons (even though they were scanned) didn’t count towards our total bill.  The Husband went back in and came back out with a fistful of cash and a smile on his face.  Make sure that you know what you are buying and don’t feel bad to correct your cashier.  They have to keep track of so many deals that they miss something and you might miss out!



This afternoon has been a television watching marathon.  The Husband I watched some Next Iron Chef and I can’t tear myself away from Toddlers and Tiaras.  I was such a tomboy so I can’t even imagine what these girls (and parents) are thinking.  It’s such a train wreck!  Little girl in a full blown Madonna costume definitely caught everyone by surprise.  Good luck to her parents when she is high school!  There are babies who are being made up and danced around even though they can’t walk all the way up to spoiled tweens who are still considering walking out with pacifiers.  One more reason to not have children…



This evening I think will be just as laid back.  We have been powering through laundry and I am pulling out the rest of the Christmas stuff tonight.  I would want to be more active but several more inches of snow on the ground is definitely making it hard.  Maybe tomorrow…

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