Getting into the Holiday Spirit.

Despite being beat by the garland I bought yesterday (we are not putting more nails in the wall!) I did manage to drag out some more decorations.  Everything is up on the tree and the penguins have migrated outside.  I actually have the urge to listen to holiday music today so bring on the Jingle Bells and White Christmas!


Besides some light cleaning and decorating, I couldn’t manage to drag myself off the couch yesterday.  In my laziness yesterday, I did vow to hit the gym today though, even 30 minutes!  The Husband is in on it and I think we will go to the pool.

We did manage some tasty and easy sandwiches this weekend.  We cooked some chicken, used store bought pesto (I can make my own, I just choose not to.) and some tasty farmer’s cheese.  All on baguette and pressed on the George Foreman!  Easy, tasty sandwich with almost no clean up.

Finished off the evening with an Agave Wheat from Breckenridge Beer.  So tasty when enjoyed on the couch in your pajamas. 

Maggie also spent a considerable portion of the day sleeping.  She wanted to be our little present under the tree for most of the afternoon and our hot water bottle at night.  Can’t help but take a thousand pictures of her!

Today’s salad was a leftover mess.  Cranberries, cheese, marinated chicken, lettuce, and balsamic dressing and some crackers for crunch.  Flavors are a little wierd but I finished the whole bowl.


What are you doing to get your week started right?


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