Almost there!

Happy Thursday night!  We are almost through the week!  If you are a typical person, tomorrow is it.  I only have 2 more days to go.  I think I can make it!

Today was my day off.  I sent a text to the Husband at 10:15 to let him know that I was still in my pajamas and no where near showering.  It felt great to be lazy!  I worked from home a little bit this morning working on the office Holiday card and then I played with my Zune and enjoyed some Real Housewives all before Noon!  I wasn’t completely lazy. 

I ran some errands and came back and tried to make “fancy” grilled cheese for lunch.  Cheese Importers cheese, Pesto, and pepperoni.  Didn’t quite work out so well.


I read a little bit this afternoon.  I am reviewing a book for BlogHer for the end of the month and I don’t want it to get away from me this month.  I also worked on my grad school application stuff.  My goal for Sunday is to put a rough draft of my personal statement.  I am not quite sure what needs to go in it but I am going to research and get this put together.  I am also requesting my transcripts in the morning and on Saturday I will send out the addressed envelopes for the reference letters.  I am going to get this wrapped up before we leave for Christmas, I promise!

We hit the gym and did some weight training tonight. 



They have a great deal advertised for a personal trainer/nutrition package starting in January.  Giving it some serious thought.  The Husband and I had a talk about it and he likes to work out with me but I like to work out when I have paid for a class or service.  I just don’t like to go and do my own thing.  This might be the jumpstart that I need.  Definitely going to be looking into it.

Tonight was easy stir fry dinner with TJ’s Soyaki sauce. 



I swear that sauce could make cardboard taste fabulous.  Need to get my hands on more of it!  Any volunteers?

Good night all!




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3 responses to “Almost there!

  1. What an adorable lil puppy 🙂 a scottie? Soyaki huh? is that a teriyaki sauce?

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