What was I thinking?

So this weekend I attempted the impossible.  I made Meringue cookies.  And not just any Meringue cookies but the ones on the cover of this month’s Bon Appetit Magazine.  I know you were expecting running a marathon or jumping out of a plane or even winning the lottery but Meringue was tough enough.  I had to make cookies for work today.  After a failed attempt, a soda, and some junk TV, I made attempt two.  And this time it worked!

The biggest headache for me was the red food coloring.  It was the only ingredient I was sure I had.  And then I found out that I didn’t…  Store #1 didn’t have it or any color, they were out!  Store #2 had it but only in a huge size for almost $4.  I sucked it up and bought it.  I wasn’t going to truck around in my hat, sweatpants, and near slippers to yet another store.

Luckily for me the KitchenAid mixer is Meringue approved and made my life easier.  I remember watching my grandma make meringue with a hand mixer and my weenie arms would have probably fallen off.

After successfully whipping (a second time) into the piping bag it went.  This was also a mess that required the Husband’s help.

A near meltdown later, all 42 cookies were “piped” and on the sheets.  They went into the oven for 2 and a half hours. 

Luckily, we had roasted a chicken earlier on and so all we had to do was cut off and clean some of it and make Pesto Chicken Sandwiches.  This has definitely become a staple in our house.  SOOO easy.

After my long and tortuous affair with the meringue, it was time for a cocktail.  POM Blackberry/pomegranate cocktail and gin.  What a lovely, refreshing drink.

How was your weekend?


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