Getting ready for our trip!

Generally packing is not a huge deal for us. Christmas gifts definitely add an extra hurdle but nothing we haven’t done before. This time around, we are bringing Maggie! And as exciting as the prospect of having Maggie with us for Christmas and with the family it is just as terrifying trying to find the right travel bag. When she was a puppy, we bought the medium Sherpa travel bag. When we brought her home, she was under 3 pounds and all estimations said that our tiny runt wasn’t going to surpass 15 pounds.

The Sherpa bag was rated for 16 pounds so we were good. Little did we know that a little more than a year later, our baby would be beefing up on steroids! She is finally off of the steroids and she has regained a lot of her normal proportions back but she is definitely bigger than we thought and shoving her in that medium bag seems cruel.

I went to the pet store today and did some browsing online and it seems that we will have to shell out another $75 to get a bag that is mere inches bigger than the one we already have.


While we may be able to sell the medium (only used like 4 times!) I still don’t want to have to buy a new one. I definitely want Maggie to be comfortable for our trip and that is worth the money.

I’m also worried about her ability to fly. Maggie is a friendly dog so I am hoping that security checks won’t be an issue. Most people say that their dogs go right to sleep and don’t even notice that they are on a plane. Maggie is a very quiet dog but she also threw up on our first car trip within the first 15 minutes. She gets herself all riled up. I am definitely going to be calling the vet this week to get her suggestion on how to help Maggie be calm.

Have you ever flown with your pet? How did they do?

And by the way, do you have a large Sherpa bag I can borrow for a few days?

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