Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!

So glad that we’ve made it!  For me, that means only one more day to go before chaotic Sunday hits.  And by chaotic, I mean the day that the Husband and I have to complete everything on our Holiday to-do list before leaving for West Virginia.  We don’t leave until Thursday but Sunday will be our only day off before we leave.  It’s crazy that it’s already here!  We have purchased half our gifts and I haven’t even thought about laundry/clothes packing yet…

Today was the in office Holiday lunch.  Tasty sandwiches, great mini cupcakes from Tea and Cakes, and little gifts from the Real Estate department. 


It’s nice to think that we can sit down as an entire office to enjoy lunch for a few minutes before everything gets crazy.

Everyone has also noted the sourpuss look on my face.  My head has been very full and I haven’t been sleeping well.  On top of that, I had a cruddy showing this morning.  I am hoping that this afternoon will be much more delightful (and filled with many cups of hot cider).

How are your Holiday plans coming?  Any last minute shopping to do?


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