Let’s not Panic!

Hope everyone’s weekend has started off great.  I am here in the office waiting for 5:00!  I’m also waiting for the phone to ring!  Anyway…  enough whining.

Luckily, the Husband is at home today and able to run errands and get the laundry started.  I plan to get myself completely organized for our trip tomorrow so that I will not have this major knot in my stomach all week.  I am not sure if the Husband and I will be buying gifts for each other.  I am hoping to at least find something small for him and for Maggie tomorrow while we are out gathering the last little pieces.  Then on Monday, I get to stand in line at the Pack and Ship store.  Stay tuned for some great boredom photos.

Besides packing, arranging, and shopping I also have to ship some gifts and get a book read and review written.  At least I am enjoying the book so far.  Review will be posted after Christmas!  I also have to work on my grad school application.  I emptied my brain into the computer the other day and came up with a rough 500 word essay. With some polish and some fleshing out, I am aiming for at least a 1000 words by the end of the week.  It’s supposed to be a statement of educational goals.  I of course put in some background about why I am choosing the program I am but I am not sure how far out they want the goals.  Do they want my plans for their program or my plans until I retire?  Do they want to know my interests now or what I plan on writing my first book on?  So much to consider…

I want to have that big hurdle taken care of before/during the trip.  I have been enjoying PhD comics and found the one below.  Afraid this 1000 word essay will haunt me for the next 4-6 semesters… and possibly beyond.




What last minute holiday item is still on your list?

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