Holiday Rush has definitely set in

So today I put over a hundred miles on my car… and I didn’t leave the county!  What a mess. 

I have spent weeks nurturing and loving leads and now it has all come through.  Christmas miracles!  Now I just have to get everybody on the same page and get some paperwork signed!  How I love rentals…  Today has definitely left me tired and ready to crash at 8:15.  We were in pajamas before dinner and I think my eyes will be closed before 9:30.

I have definitely slacked off on working out but I have my plan together for when we are back on regular schedules.  I plan on 4 workouts a week once we get settled.  It’s already on the calendar and I am ready to battle the January Joiners for space on the machines.  While I am not a January Joiner myself, I definitely have a goal that is six months long and I want to achieve before summer.  That puts my recommitting in January.  Bring it on!

I have one more day of work and then I will be off for a Holiday Break!  It will be so nice to turn off my phone and email and enjoy the holiday.  Are you still working or enjoying family and friends already?

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