A week in review

So this week has been ridiculous, both at work and at home.  After several days of running around (and taking pictures) I am happy to share!

Major milestone this week was turning in my grad school application.  The deadline is the 15th (SUNDAY!) so I made it.  Now I sit and wait.  It’s just nice to have that done.

We also made grilled pizza this week.  We started with Alton Brown’s recipe and modified from there.  I was so proud that the Husband ate tomatoes!  It was a very tasty pizza and a lesson in organization.  The dough recipe is the important part.  Make sure you have the right yeast!

We also visited New Belgium this week.  We had a blast. Bernie was the best tour guide I have had at any brewery so far.  He even talked about their mission statement which is put in the tile on the floor.  It’s all about love!

Last night we finally relaxed a bit.  We enjoyed some specialty bombers and Top Chef.  I have to work tomorrow but we may ski on Sunday.  Nervous for my first time out this season but it should be warm!

What have you been up to this week?



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4 responses to “A week in review

  1. Grilled pizza sounds good. Have to try that. thanks

  2. I just tried Fat Tire last weekend. What a great beer. I am jealous of your tour!

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