Welcome to the mid week slump!

 Actually, I mean Happy Wednesday!! I am still trying to keep my positive attitude going. I had yesterday off and managed to accomplish a list of chores I had left for myself. I caught up on some projects and definitely checked some large items off!

It was a pretty icy and crappy morning so I was glad I didn’t have to drive in. The Husband attempted the drive in the morning but turned around once he started sliding. He went to the office later in the day. I showered and put pajamas back on and got to work!

Most of these goals were done with Maggie by my side. She was sooo cuddly all day. Once the sun came out, she was in the window watching the neighbors.

Also, new favorite addiction: NATURALLY FLAVORED WATER!  I drank lime soda water all day!

We did manage to hit the gym in the evening. The January Joiners are definitely in full swing (with very loud kids in tow!). If the Husband and I had a choice, we would definitely consider other gyms but this is the closest one to our house. There were no cardio machines and a bazillion screaming kids upstairs. I actually considered complaining at the desk as most of them were under 5 and unattended. Tonight we are going right at 5:30 and tomorrow we are going in the morning for racquetball. I had mentioned before that the Husband and I can’t agree on a work out time. As a compromise, we will do both! I agree with him that weekday evenings are too much of a hassle so mornings may be our only option for a while.

On a side note, I signed up for the Blend Retreat! The schedule came out and I am so excited. Definitely need to accomplish some of my fitness goals before the retreat comes around or the rest of the group will leave me in the dust!

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