Let’s set some priorities!

So now that we are more than half way through January, it’s time to start setting some small goals.  So here goes…

Goal #1 Work out three times this week.  We have already planned on working out this afternoon.  Three seems like such a small number but I want to make sure it’s realistic!


Goal #2 Try a new recipe this week!  We have been really good about sticking to our plans when it comes to food.  We menu plan every week and I would say that only once or twice do we stray.  I haven’t put this weeks menu together so I will be hunting around for new recipes.  Send me any ideas!


Goal #3 So this goal is a little weird.  I am sadly a blog lurker.  As I read in my Google Reader on my tablet I usually don’t click over to the actual blog to leave comments.  This week I am planning to come out of the shadows and comment more.  I encourage you to do it to!

What are your plans this week?

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