How do you keep going?

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So I have spent this week focusing on my three goals.  Of course these goals were all a part of my bigger picture goals for the year

Recently, I have spent a lot of time thinking about the Blend Retreat.  I signed up for this with the plan to meet the bloggers I read on a daily basis.  Now that the schedule is out, it’s time to get in shape!  There are so many great things that are going on and I want to be able to keep up!  On good days, I definitely need to spend some time hiking Chautauqua.  I also found out that Core Power Yoga has free classes so I need to work on that as well!

I know that I have the ability to work hard and hit my goals but sometimes it’s hard.  Now that work is crazy again and my schedule seems to be filling up, it’s so hard to get myself motivated but I am responsible for myself.  I need to make time for me and my fitness.  If I can’t commit 45 minutes now, when will I do it? 

I have set a big picture goal for the next couple of months.  I plan on losing 15 pounds before May 1st.  I know that weight loss goals definitely seem to be the goals that fall by the wayside but this can be done!  Just need to get my butt of the couch and plan ahead with some weekend cooking!

How do you get yourself going?


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