Finally watched The Help!

Before the book was a movie I read The Help and I was absolutely in love!  I recommended the book to everyone I knew and was passing my copy around!  I was so in love with the story and the character that I couldn’t get enough.

When the movie was in the theaters, the Husband was not going to go and I couldn’t find a girls night that worked so I patiently waited for the DVD.  And last night it came!

Within the first 5 minutes I was already crying.  I loved the movie so much.  There were parts of the book that I wish were in the movie but I think that it was beautifully edited!  I loved the casting as well.  It was so spot on!   Definitely adding this movie to the list of DVD’s/Blu-Rays that I would like to own.

Have you seen The Help?


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One response to “Finally watched The Help!

  1. The Help is one of my all time favorite books, but I haven’t seen the movie yet. I REALLY want to. Maybe this weekend?

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