How’d we do?

So last week I set three goals for myself and happily I accomplished 2 of the 3!  While none of my goals were huge, it feels good that I accomplished something measurable. 

 We did indeed work out three times this week.  It was a crazy week at work but we managed to squeeze 3 in, including yesterday’s ski day!  I did some running/jogging and a bit of weights. 

This week I will be focusing on some classes and getting my butt out of bed early to work out!

I sadly didn’t accomplish goal #2.  The Husband tried a new ice cream recipe but we didn’t really get any real cooking done.  We even bought veggies to do some roasted veg but every time I planned to do it, this got out of control and they had to wait.  I will use all veggies in the fridge tomorrow (we are eating out tonight).

I tried to get some vitamins in, I swear!

Goal #3 was to be less of a blog lurker and more of a commenter.  Definitely commented on some of my favorites this week.  Hoping to keep this trend going.

Today we dropped on Maggie very early to get groomed.  She is staying with our favorite groomer throughout the day as the Husband and I are planning a long day of work and time in Boulder.  Jenna is so great and if you are in the area, make sure to contact her about grooming your fur baby!

Hopefully I will have some great pictures later!  How is your week going?

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