What a weekend!

Definitely wish this weekend could go on forever!  The Husband and I had a blast enjoying each other’s company and seeing what Boulder County had to offer.

Our first accidental visit was to Upslope BreweryVerde Food Truck was also visiting Upslope.  Definitely loved the flavors of a new brewery.  Can’t wait to visit again.  Verde also had some amazing food.  Time to start tracking them down!


Today was a skiing day at Eldora.  We had such a great morning.  It was definitely cold and I had to call it a little sooner than the Husband but I had fun.  Skiing is definitely a work out.  Tomorrow is supposed to be  a long day so we are planning on a fitness rest day.


Tonight I have been cuddling in and catching up on the DVR.  Maggie and I really enjoy Andy Cohen!


Have a great night and think positive for Monday!

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