Where did January go?

Welcome to February. It seems that lots of blogs have started some kind of project for this month. Not sure if it’s because there are lots of New Years Resolutions that need picking up or if it’s because February is a short month. However, I think I am going to jump on the bandwagon. For February, I plan on taking a cue for Caitlin and starting a blank training plan! 3 times a week seems to be where I level off so I will plan on that for now. There are some great classes at our gym and we have a two week pass to try another one so I hope the variety will keep me occupied!

  Activity #1 Activity #2 Activity #3
WEEK 1      
WEEK 2      
WEEK 3      
WEEK 4      


The other reason I need to start working on the training plan is because I have been in a funk. The negative attitude seems to creep in with the cold weather. I need to have some set goals so that I can keep my mind off the rest of it. It feels like for the last couple of weeks, the Husband and I have been too busy to take care of ourselves. That definitely needs to change.



This also seems to be weighing on my heavily this week. Lots of people keep asking me if I have heard anything about my grad school application. Back to the whole not knowing trend, I have NO IDEA!!! I wish they could just let me know sooner but this is part of the whole process. I may have to wait weeks or months to find out what my plans for the next two years are. It’s crazy but I don’t even know the acceptance rate at CU. I continue to keep my fingers crossed.

How do you keep the Winter Funk away?



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2 responses to “Where did January go?

  1. CU is tough, but it’s early. Just take a walk – it’s pretty even in winter. And think positively….Wouldn’t hurt to go visit the department?

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