Happy Snow Day!

So today was a work from home/Snow day in the Boulder County area.  I had a nice time working on what I needed here in my comfortable office and with my own computer.The drift inside my window well was even full!



The office closed at noon so I don’t think I missed much and I was working from home.  A win/win in my eyes.


I also had a chance to work on the blanket for the daughter of the bartender at Left Hand who is leaving.  The Husband and I gave her a homemade quilt from my mom as well as the tie blanket that I put together.  It will be soooo sad to see Amber leave but I know she will be happy in Georgia too!


Tonight, we plan on a night of movie watching a popcorn.  We will be spending a quality 3 day weekend at home, relaxing and recuperating!

I went to bed signing “No School Tomorrow” from high school chorus class.  What about you?



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3 responses to “Happy Snow Day!

  1. Time to enjoy living! What a luxury.

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