Happy Monday!

So first, I would like to say that I feel completed rested after my three day weekend.  I slept until about 8:30 Saturday and Sunday and spent some quality time with myself!  I think it was exactly what I needed to make myself feel whole again.While I didn’t quite accomplish my list of goals (and neither did the Husband) we definitely felt it was necessary to rest.

Secondly, I would like to say congratulations to the G-Men! 

It was a very exciting game and we had some very nice treats to go with it.  The Husband and I made Lightened Up Buffalo Chicken Dip from The Healthy Everythingtarian.

I think that this is my Husband’s snack of choice!  We make a full batch a portion it out into 4 oven safe dishes so we can grab them when we are craving something unhealthy!  We also picked up some cheeses from the Cheese Importers.  Small snacks throughout the game and now I’m stuffed.  Tomorrow I’m having a big salad for lunch!

This week I plan to be on my game at work, workout 4 times this week, take my vitamins, and have a date night with my husband!  Time to sit down with my calendar and get to planning.  What’s your plan this week?


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