Here we are again!

It’s Monday and it’s time to start my traditional work week.  This week is rare as I am going to work 5 days in a row! 

The weather this weekend was cold so we stayed inside.  Also, we worked on our Limoncello!  We started this last week and finished it today.  Soooo good! I have been enjoying Limoncello Margaritas since we finished it.   I also constructed a little light box for myself!  I took this picture myself!!!!


We would have done more but we didn’t sleep well Saturday into Sunday.  One of the detectors with a chirping alarm had the batteries die.  We tried to ignore it for hours but we couldn’t fall back to sleep.  Even Maggie came to cuddle and she ended up burying her head under the Husband to try to sleep. 


He eventually got up and hunted down the pesky alarm.  We now have to re-install all the smoke detectors upstairs as well as the carbon monoxide detector. 

We spent the rest of the day catching up on laundry and making a few things to get prepped for this week.  What are your plans?



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2 responses to “Here we are again!

  1. WIll be changing out batteries and re-working smoke alarms, too…must be a plot…

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