How much is too much?

We were out to eat this week and we saw this table sign:


For me, this seems crazy!!  As I don’t work out as hard as I would like, I try to limit my total caloric intake .  Of course, if I work out I can certainly have more but I definitely have limits.  The thought of spending 650 calories on breakfast floors me!

The Husband and I generally split meals when we got out because most restaurants will provide us with more food than any can handle!  As long as we get toppings on the side, we can generally agree on most things. 

Although it’s boring and hard, we generally menu plan before grocery shop so that each day will be tasty and nutritious.  We set up our general plan for the week, sometimes even including our snacks so that we can keep track of everything.  We do try to stack most of our calories early but I couldn’t imagine spending 650 on breakfast.

How do you stay on track?



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2 responses to “How much is too much?

  1. Whoa. Leaves little room for lunch and dinner.

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