Hello, Tuesday

Just wrote “Hello, Wednesday” as the title.  If that doesn’t tell you how this week is going…  It is a dreary day here in Colorado.  Sounds like the mountains are getting plenty of snow which just leaves us with clouds and no sun down here!

Attitude has definitely been low today.  I am not sure if it’s the dreary weather, lack of anything chocolate in my snacks today, or just general dreariness.  Time to buck up!

Source stylepie.wordpress.com

After our ski day on Sunday, we took it easy yesterday.  We managed to menu plan through Wednesday using what we had at the house.  No grocery store for us this week.  We may have to swing in tonight to get some produce but besides that, we should be set.  Always nice to clean out the pantry and fridge.

I am also planning a quick workout when I get home.  Nothing too intense as every muscle in my body is still sore.  Maybe a little yoga and stretching tonight.  I can also probably contribute a lot of my crappy mood to the lack of movement. 

Anyway, I have 5 more hours of work to get through and then I can head home…  Wish me luck!



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