Date Night!

So last night we had an impromptu date night at Martini’s!


We of course started with Martini’s.  There were lots of lovely diners so I didn’t take too many photos.  This is a martini from another day.  Last night was all about the Ruby-Tini!  I love grapefuit in my adult beverages.


I had the stuffed chicken up top with glorious potatoes and spaghetti squash seasoned with Saffron.  PLenty left over for lunch today.  I wasn’t expecting the chicken to be breaded and fried but it was still good.  The Husband had Israeli cous-cous, scallops, and shrimp.  All very tasty!

Yesterday was also Maggie’s second birthday!  She got a new toy, an egg breakfast, and lots of play time.  I think she is turning into a demon slowly.  No matter what kind of editing I did, I couldn’t make the creepy eyes go away!


Maggie loved her new toy.  It’s a sleeve with a rope on the end and a plastic bottle on the inside.  She even brought it to bed last night!


Hope you have a great Friday!  I’ll be back with a WineDay Friday post in a bit!

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