Weekend adventures and a not so great restaurant review!

Happy Monday everyone!  We had a leisurely weekend around the house.  We started with a house mimosa and breakfast paninis at the Sunrose Cafe while we menu planned and coupon clipped.  What a relaxing experience.  We had planned a trip to the mountains but it was very windy up there so we lounged!!

Sunday was suppossed to be a bit of the same.  Breakfast out on Saturday was so nice that we decided to do it again on Sunday.  Sadly, this experience was not as good.  We went to Lucille’s in Longmont and I would have to say it was AWFUL.  It was loud and crowded.  Breakfast was started with coffee and beignets.  This was probably the best part of our meal, even though you couldn’t taste the beignets due to the amount of sugar on them.

When our main courses arrived, I was sadly disappointed.  I had Eggs New Orleans and it was suppossed to be fried eggplant and poached eggs.  It came in a pile with my grits on the same plate.  It was a mess and it didn’t taste any better than it looked.  The Husband had french toast with more powdered sugar.  The New Orleans Sausage on the side tasted more like a spicy hot dog and my face went green as soon as I tried it.  I was also surprised at the prices.  We ate the meal because it’s what we ordered but if I wasn’t paying for my meal, I wouldn’t have eaten it.  It was expensive for breakfast and really expensive since we didn’t like it.  Essentially, we paid $30 for a stomach ache and a bad taste in our mouths.  Sad to say, we won’t be returning.  Now, we may have had a randomly bad experience as most of the time, there is a line out the door and rave reviews.  Lucille’s just wasn’t our style. 

After such an awful breakfast, we headed to Oskar Blue’s to get a beer to get a better taste in our mouth.  I had the FunkWerks Saison and it was amazing and pink!!  Definitely improved my day!

In the afternoon, we had to stop in Loveland to do a bit of shopping.  We stopped at Grimm Brothers Brewery and we were pleasantly surprised.  10 beers on tap and all very good!  Love their logo!

Sunday evening was quietly spent at home, resting!

First showing this morning had a beautiful view of the mountains!  Happy Monday!



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