We had one nice day…

Sorry for the delay on the weekday updates but this week has seemed to fly by.  Tuesday was my day off and the thermometer hit 71 degrees at my house.  The Husband went to work early so that he could be home early.  We had some Georgia Boys for a late lunch and then off to the greenway for a bike ride.  All great bike rides begin and end at LeftHand!


We were able to have beers on the patio and chat it up with our favorite regulars!  The Husband attempted to shoot a video of the methodic pilsner bubbles to display here.  He thought they were soothing!  We couldn’t get 30 seconds without cars going by!


I enjoyed the sun and sat out in my bike shorts!  What a lovely way to remind yourself that Spring is around the corner!


Has Spring started to show it’s face at your house?



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2 responses to “We had one nice day…

  1. I love the Pilsner bubbles, and know just what your husband means. Cold beer on a warm beer is definitely one of the delights of the upcoming warm weather. -kate

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