Start your engines!

So last weekend kicked off race weekend in our house.  We watch both Formula 1 racing as well as Indy Car.  The F1 season kicked off in Australia this weekend and the St. Pete Indy Grand Prix is this Sunday.  Before meeting the Husband, I didn’t know anything about racing.  Now I have been to several races and we enjoy watching the races on Sunday afternoon.  Interesting enough, I enjoy watching at home over going to the race so that I know what’s actually going on with the commentary.  I don’t know too much about F1 but I continue to watch.  I find it a little bland.  Indy is much more exciting to me.

What makes it more exciting is the drama (mostly Indy) that occurs during the week on Twitter and other social media outlets. 

The Husband has been impressed with my ability to keep up with team changes, car changes, and other interesting facts.  It really helps when your husband’s idle starts following you on Twitter.  Since going to my first race, my allegiance has been with Will Power and the Penske team.  While last season was close, I think he’ll take the Indy Championship this year.

This week the Husband’s parents are headed down to see his brother and enjoy the first Indy weekend. We are planning at least one race this season. 

Is there a sport that your into?



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