A runner is born…?

So this week I began a small experiment with my fitness.  I have been lacking in motivation (and a gym membership) so I started the Couch to 5k.  I have made it through the first two runs (third one is tonight after work) with relative ease.  It’s pretty basic; jog a little, walk a little. 


To make my runs easier, I have loaded three apps on my phone.

  • Map My Run     
  • Pandora 
  • Stopwatch

These three apps have provided me with endless tools and mainly a distraction from my lack of ability. I’ve gotten to the point where I stop staring at the stop watch, willing it to hit a minute.  I also love that I can send the runs to the Husband when I’m done so that he can copy!

I really like the idea of a premade, easy to follow training plan.  While I don’t plan on signing up for a 5k right now, it’s definitely good to know that I would be able to if I wanted!


Now I have to figure out what to do on the other days of the week.  I want to find a yoga class but I may start with an in house DVD.

Also planning next weeks menu.  So in love with Shrimp dishes now..  might have to break out the Shrimp and Linguini recipe.

What are you plans for the weekend?



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4 responses to “A runner is born…?

  1. Julia

    Yay C25K! If it can turn /me/ into a runner, it can work for anyone! Have fun with it!

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