A preview for the BLEND ladies!

Happy Monday!  After a long Saturday sitting on my butt at the office, the Husband and I decided to get out and do some hiking at Chautauqua.  This is our normal loop:

The first hill is killer.  I didn’t want to scare anyone off so we didn’t take any pictures!  Once you get into the trees it’s a beautiful hike.

Scariest part for me is the hike across the rocks!  The Husband doesn’t seem to mind.  He was able to carry the water and take the pictures.  That’s the city of Boulder behind me.  When you look the other way, you can see Denver in the distance.

Once you get far enough, you can play on the flatirons!  I didn’t really have to climb up that far.

Overall, it’s a great workout and I hope that everyone can come hike around!  Make sure to bring shoes with good grip!  No sandals, please!

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