Stuck inside again

I am really starting to think that being trapped inside all day isn’t really doing it for me!  Check out this view outside my window.


It’s still a little too chilly to sit out on the office patio with the laptop so I am just staring outside, with my sweater on!  My attitude also seems to be pretty crappy today as well.  I’ve been mopey and whiney and I just wanted to stay home today in my pajamas with Maggie.

One positive to my day: Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast.  The Husband got up super early and got everything together so that I could wake up to coffee and rolls.  No photos this time as I had to devour them immediately before Maggie tried to get her share.  Promise next time.  There is also no recipe as they were the defrost and let rise kind.

Are you spending time in the beautiful sun or are you stuck inside too?


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