Another Weekend hike and some hiking tips

So this weekend, we took another hiking expedition


This time we wrapped around the bottom and came at those beautiful Flatirons from another direction.


I wouldn’t call myself an expert when it comes to hiking but there are definitely things that you should be doing, especially when you are just starting out, to make yourself more comfortable.

1) Wear good shoes!!  Examples of some hiking shoes are below.  I got mine at Dick’s for $20 so that if they got ruined, I can toss them.  They are comfortable as long as I wear the right socks and they have plenty of grip for the rocky and sometimes slippery hikes.  The Husband has Nike Trail shoes and he loves them!  Please do not wear flip flops.  You will fall and you will hurt later.



2) Leave your earbuds at home.  There is so much great stuff going on around you that it is nice to just enjoy the hike.  Also, it’s hard to tell if there is wildlife around if you are rocking out to the Pop Fitness station on Pandora.  Just enjoy your time.

3) Know where you are going.  There are generally maps at the trailhead and throughout the hike.  Know which trail you are on so in case something happens, you can call for help. 

4)Bring plenty of water.  In our dry climate, you tend to dry out fast!  Keep drinking that water!

Other than that, just enjoy the hike!

What is your favorite outdoor activity?


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One response to “Another Weekend hike and some hiking tips

  1. Good advice with the shoes. You need something that grips the surface well. And take lots of water!

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