My big news and some life lessons

So yesterday I said that I had some big news.  My big news is that I have left my old job and I am starting something new in a week.  I am so excited to have a week to get rejuvenated and to have the opportunity to start something new.  I will still be in sales but I will be working in Downtown Boulder at a great company!  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

I did want to pass on some lessons that I have learned over the last two years. 

First, don’t take your work home with you!  This was something that is easy to say now but was so hard to live.  The job that I had ate my life and my Husband is happy that I will no longer be an all the time employee.

Second, do what you love!!  If you heart isn’t in it, then you won’t feel full!  This was something that I struggled with.  I really loved helping great people find the home of their dreams.  I loved connecting friends and acquaintances with some great real estate agents.  But I really didn’t love the office politics, drama, and very sticky situations that I had to deal with.  I learned a lot about myself doing commission work but I also learned a lot about those around me.  Money makes people hard to work with!

Finally, take the relationships and good experiences with you when you leave!  I had a blast last night with the people that I enjoyed spending my time with.  We went out for drinks and to say goodbye.  The nice thing about my new position is that I am not going too far away and I can still hang out with the great people that I have spent so much time with.


IMG_20120411_182723 IMG_20120411_182707 IMG_20120411_182714

Work needs to be  a place that you enjoy going to.   While you can’t always work the best job, you need to do something that doesn’t make you miserable.  This is an important part healthy work life balance.  You need to surround yourself with positive people so that you can surround yourself with positive energy.  Once you have found your positive energy, you can start to find a positive and healthy self!

Cheers to starting a new, positive life (and maybe taking a nap!)!


8 thoughts on “My big news and some life lessons

  1. Yay! I’m really excited for you and hope that this is a great new (and less stressful) life journey!

  2. Yay — I just changed my job last fall. BEST THING I have ever done. I tried to take a week off, but only ended up taking 3 days off. Good luck!

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