Back to reality!

I had grand plans to write and prep and spend the last 6 days being overly productive.  However, I have found that sitting around, emptying my DVR and trying a few new recipes has been a much needed vacation!  I feel calm, rested, unstressed, and happy!  I love that I can say that I feel happy.  I was happy  before but now I am REALLY happy.  I have the best husband, and cuddly pup, and a great job ( I think!).  Let’s hope that I can carry this peace and happiness forward.

Yesterday, I made my first attempt at Lamb.  I wanted to be the domestic housewife and have dinner ready when the Husband got home.  Lamb is apparently very easy to over cook so that’s what I did.  The spaghetti squash and the asparagus turned out great though!


Today I made Southwestern Quinoa Salad.  After much research and Google searching, I found my inspiration and got started.  In the end, I think it turned out great!  Let me know if you want the recipe.


Tomorrow I start my new job and get back to a normal schedule.  I have my first day of work ( I just typed school) clothes laid out.  I got a haircut today as well.  I am ready to dig in and get started.  Wish me luck.


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