What a lovely weekend

So after some much needed rest, we managed to accomplish a few things this weekend.

We did go to the Farmer’s Market in Longmont.  While there isn’t much to buy yet, we did get some BBQ some Horsetooth Hot Sauce, some salad greens from Aspen Moon Farms, and some breakfast pizza (that Maggie had some of).  We saw two other Cairns at the market so we know there is hope that she will calm down.  The picture below is of her staring at the Husband while he went to get pizza!


Later on in the day we hit up a new brewery.  Echo opened last weekend and we were so glad that we went.  They are currently producing for styles with many more on the way.  Great beer, easy drinking, and a beautiful tap room.  I hope they do well as I plan to continue going.


Finally, we kicked off our Sunday morning with some pumpkin waffles.  How can you go wrong?


I also did a quick walk/run and the Husband and I did a bike ride this afternoon.  We plan on doing at least 45 minutes of cardio each day this week whether we do it together or not.

We have picking up and sorting to for the week and a little more cooking.  We like to get ahead.  Hopefully some good food pictures are on the way.

How was your weekend?


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  1. WIll have to try Echo. Thanks for the tip

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