Wineday Friday Introducing Grand River Malbec

A few weeks back we visited Palisade with the Husband’s parents.  We had a great time and brought some great wines back with us.  The place to stay in Palisade is the Wine Country Inn and on the same spot is the Grand River Vineyards.  This was the first place we stopped and we were very impressed!  They also do the wines for the hotel and between Grand River and the hotel, we found some of our favorite wines of the weekend.


The wine that we brought back with us was the Grand River Malbec.  From the winery:

2009 MalbecNew Release

The wine displays dense black fruit aromas with light violet notes and a touch of spicy toast. Flavors of cherry, raspberry, and blackberry fruit. The mouth feel is full and rich, with a touch of chocolate and sweet spice from light oak aging.Pairing:Grilled meats and veggies, game or pasta dishes with tomato and herb based sauces


Malbec grapes in Colorado are relatively new.  As Malbec is probably my favorite, I’m happy to try it.  I found the wine to have a sharp nose.  Not a lot of fruit to smell but still enticing.  The color of the wine was also very dark and rich.  Upon tasting, I found the wine to be well rounded.  Lot of fruit but nothing in particular.  There was also a hint of the barrel taste which I love.  I find this wine very drinkable and an easy evening with wine and cheese.  I will definitely be trying this one again.


Grand River Wines (as well as Bookcliff) have affirmed my choice to enjoy our local Colorado produce and product.


This weekend I have a list of projects to tackle around the house.  Definitely going to be enjoying some time at home.  What will you be enjoying this weekend?


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