BlogHer Book Club presents: You Have No Idea

When this beautiful book arrived in my mailbox, to be honest, I was very skeptical.  There are two kinds of memoirs that I stick to, comedy writers and historical.  I was wonderfully delighted and finished Vanessa and Helen Williams book in two sittings.  It was an easy read full of love, drama, and triumph. 

While the story attempts to tell you about every bit of Vanessa Williams’ life, it doesn’t linger to long in any one place.  The pace of this book moves you through just as if you were sitting on the couch with Vanessa and Helen on a Saturday afternoon going through the family albums and scrapbooks.  You see some amazing pictures (which are in the book!) and here some great stories.  Everything flowed seamlessly even though you didn’t read about every day.

The beginning of the book was filled with more details from Helen Williams but as the stories moved to Vanessa’s adult life, the reactions from Helen were more concise and insightful.  I am sure that this is a true reflection of their adult relationship.  Almost every chapter started off with a quote from Helen to frame the chapter.  It was a great way to frame the chapter but also their relationship!  Every mother sets the tone for their children!

The book was well put together and well organized and I cannot wait to pass this book along.  This isn’t just a story for a fan of her career but a story about triumph through adversity and for anyone who needs to see that they can do whatever they set their heart on!  It’s a nice quick read, great for a vacation pr a car trip! Definitely an enjoyable read!


I was paid by the publisher and for my opinion on this book.


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