Excited about Blend


So I’m a little late to the game but I still wanted to put my two cents in!

This weekend was the first (annual??  please??) Blend Retreat.  Three lovely ladies, Lindsey, Katie, and Janetha, put on a wonderful weekend event!

We gathered here in Boulder to get fit, have fun, and connect.  I was delig

hted to find out that I was one of about a dozen ladies who was from the Denver/Boulder area.  People kept asking where I was from and I would say “I’m just from here”.  By the time the weekend was over, I think there were a lot people were considering being from here as well!

Pic from Ashley


Friday night was a great cocktail hour and meal sponsored by Core Power Protein Drink.  It was great to start meeting everyone.  Dinner was excellent!  I had the chicken and cous cous but our table also had an extra plate of pasta floating around.  The cupcakes from Street Fare in Boulder were also am

azing.  Can’t wait to find them at the farmer’s market so that I can have more of those delicious PB and Pretzel cupcakes.


Saturday was a great boot camp led by Lindsey and Tina.  We also had FitMixer Aminos and a Xagave sponsored breakfast from Steve and Amy.  It was amazing!!

From Calee

Mid day, we did the Royal Arch hike.  This is a trail that I hadn’t done before and it definitely kicked my butt!!  As we got closer, people kept saying “You’re almost there, it’s so worth it!” And it was!!  The pictures are the proof.

After I cooled down, it was on to an afternoon of beer and eats!

Sunday was another great boot camp.  This time it was led by the ChobaniFit team.  Breakfast was also from Chobani!  I was definitely feeling every move!  LoveGrown and Cheribundi were also breakfast sponsors for us.

After the raffle it was time for goodbyes.  This was definitely bittersweet!  I had met some amazing women and had started some amazing relationships.  While many of the people I met live far away, many of them live very close. 

Anoher shot from Ashley at Edible Perspective

While this retreat wasn’t about building any particular skills I definitely feel like I came out of this a better blogger.  Going into this retreat, I felt like I was a person on the outside of a community looking in and now I feel like I am part of a great and strong community.  There are so many people who want to help you, listen to you, and help you succeed.

5 thoughts on “Excited about Blend

  1. Love it! I agree — I think even though we didn’t do any conference-like things at this retreat, I really have been putting thought into what I post vs. just putting stuff out there and I was able to find a little bit more direction with things.

  2. I loved that it was more of a hang-out weekend. We got to know each other so much better because of it. I think the smaller size helped too! Thanks for the photo link love. 🙂 Great cupcake photo!

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