Half way there!

Happy Wednesday everybody!  Yesterday the Husband and I managed some prep cooking for the rest of the week.  Happily, I only had to heat up my slice of fritatta/quiche this morning!  It had peppers, onions, bacon, and cheese!  So good.  We make a lot of it and then we can heat and go the rest of the week!

Yesterday, I managed to get my PenPal box in the mail!  Hopefully she likes it!

Also forgot to post this great sandwich from this weekend!  We have a hunk of Mozz in our fridge and it belongs on everything!  We watched Iron Chef last night and they made a Nutella, Bacon, and Mozz sandwich!!  I told my husband he was lucky that we used the last of the bacon in the quiche or I would have been making sandwiches at 9:00 last night!

We’ve made it half way through the week and I still haven’t managed to get any exercise in!  We are still shaking what ales us.  I think tonight I will at least take Maggie for a walk.

What are you up to this week?



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4 responses to “Half way there!

  1. This week comes down to cooking, cleaning, writing, and debating the purchase of the iPhone 4s….. decisions, decisions…

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