In a hurry?

I feel like all week I have been rushing around like a crazy person.  We haven’t really done a great job of taking care of ourselves while we have been recovering from whatever has us down.  I do know that tonight will be resting!

One of the nice things that I came across while at the Blend Retreat was Core Power Protein drink!  That have several flavors and throughout the course of the weekend I was able to try 3 of them!

A great drink for when you are running around town or speeding out the door1

These were great after our hike of the Royal Arch.  I generally don’t have high expectations for these kinds of drinks and I was blown away!  It was sweet without being too sweet, it was rich, and it actually gave me the protein I needed.  Most of all, it filled me up!  My Husband and I have actually both used these with an apple as a breakfast on the way out the door.  It’s a good portion size, they taste great and there are 26 grams of protein!

I tried the Vanilla, Honey, and the lighter version (less calories and 20 grams of protein) Strawberry Bananna flavor.  I definitely think that the vanilla tastes the best with the Honey in a quick second.  Would definitely think about stocking my fridge with this stuff.  It’s great for hikes because it is lactose free and can be kept in your hiking bag.  It’s also great for quick breakfasts or a fuel up after a tough workout.  Defintely going to be hunting this stuff down in my local stores!

Have you tried any new protein drinks lately?


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