Wineday Friday!

Happy Friday, folks!  As I have been completely swamped this week, I sadly have no wine to review.  I have had some great cocktails this week (it’s on my instagram @kemerselis) and some great beers with new friends and family but sadly there has been no room for wine.

So I leave it up to!  If you had a great glass of wine, please post below or link up to your favorite wine post!  Cocktails are fine too!  If I find one that I can get my hands on, I will write a review and ask you to help by posting a gust post!  Let’s get them rolling…

11 thoughts on “Wineday Friday!

      1. Chimney Rock also makes a Cab blend that is simply labeled Cabernet Sauvignon. It is delicious, too. Goes for $70 or so.

        I hope you can find either one.

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