A compliment goes a long way

This morning I had grand plans to get up and work out.  I even laid out my clothes ahead of time.  I had the water bottle ready and the shoes by the front door.  Then 5:40 came around and my bed was just too cozy.  I started the morning down on myself as I had already put myself behind on my goals for the day.  I went to get in the shower and there was no hot water left and my mood continued to get worse.  I was getting mad at myself for being angry because there was nothing really I could be angry about.  I was already in the cycle of negative thinking and I was ready to crawl back in bed and give it a better try in a few hours.  Unfortunately, I am part of the working class and had to be somewhere this morning so getting back in bed was not an option.  I had to suck it up, get dressed, and get moving.

The Husband and I got everything together this morning and decided to grab a quick bite out so that we wouldn’t leave dishes in the sink all day.  As I headed to get my car out the garage IT HAPPENED!  A neighbor that I have never met complimented my dress choice for the day.  I have never met this person and just was ready to say the obligatory “Good Morning” and be on my way and she stopped me to give me a compliment.  I don’t think this woman knows what kind of mood I was in but she brightened my day.  Just one compliment from a stranger and I had to realize that my day was going to be ok.

Even though I felt behind on my goals, we had successfully gotten out of the door in one piece, have jobs to go to, and a little extra cash to grab breakfast out.  So what if I didn’t get my workout in this morning, I will do it when I get home.  So what if I started my day in a crumby mood.  It doesn’t mean I can’t change today.

Just remember that a compliment to a stranger (or a friend) may go further than you think!  And remember, you are great!



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7 responses to “A compliment goes a long way

  1. Dad

    What a great way to restart your day! Nice!

  2. remember “you is kind, you is smart and you is beautiful” great words to live by from one of our favorite movies. her words of wisdom are true and should be believed by all.

  3. I love random compliments from strangers. Sometimes even a simple, genuine hello is all you need to whisk away negativity.

  4. I SO agree with this. I am really big on giving compliments. If I see something that I like on someone (whether it’s clothing, or I’ve noticed they’ve lost weight or anything)- even strangers- I tell them. I know that it’s such a simple way to make an impact on someone’s day (in a great way!)

  5. How nice! You are so right. A little kindness can turn someone’s day around!

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