Wineday Friday: Shaya Verdejo

Happy Friday!  This Friday is even more special because we kick off the summer holidays!  This is also our anniversary weekend so we will definitely be celebrating this weekend!

The kind of wine that you want to drink for a warm holiday weekend is a tasty white! The Husband and I generally don’t like the Verdejo style of wine but this one had all of the right notes.

This little Spanish from Shaya wine carried a zing of citrus on our palettes but there was lingering fruit as well.  We tasted notes of summer melons  that were delightful but not completely overpowering.  The other thing that stuck with us was the viscosity, or thickness, of the fine.  Most wines of this style go down like water without leaving anything for you to enjoy.  This wine had a pleasant staying power with an equally as tasteful finishing note.

These are the winemaker’s notes from

winemaker’s notes:

Bright, lifted nose that could very easily be mistaken kiwi, gooseberry, grapefruit zest, “mineral”. But this is riper, deeper. Ditto in the mouth. Great depth of fruit and opposing mineral cut. Another wine with a sugar/acid cage match.

alcohol by volume:13.5% ”

I hope that you all have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend.  Enjoy your day off (if you are in the States) and take advantage of a little extra time with your friends and family.  What are you drinking this weekend?



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