A kaiten?

We had a craving for Sushi and the closest place is 30 minutes from our house.  Or so we thought!  We had the opportunity to try Sushi Kaiten in Longmont and it was definitely an experience!  Now you may ask “What does Kaiten mean?”  Well, from the restaurant’s website:

How to enjoy KAITEN style food …

Select your dishes.

• Items available on the belt are called a “BELT DISH”. Each plate color represents    a different price, ranging from $1 to $7 per plate. More expensive items may be placed on two plates, with its price being the sum of the individual plates.”

 Enjoy your dish and stack your empty plates on your table.

• Help yourself to more, or place a new table dish order with a server.

picking it up. If you touch a plate, it is going to be yours as other customers would not like it. Thanks for your understanding.

 Request your check.

• Your total is calculated by your server, who counts the number and types of plates.

So this is the belt!  The one time I have seen this before was on a BBC America show about restaurants.  For me, eating at a kaiten was something completely foreign.  Things come around and you they aren’t labeled.  I wouldn’t recommend this kind of place for the unadventerous!


Luckily, we were feeling adventerous!  What the Husband and I did notice is a lot of what was coming around the belt was a variation on a California Roll or a Shrimp Tempura roll so there wasn’t anything too crazy!  You could order other things though.

This was one of the first items I ordered.  Very tasty shrimp roll on a red plate.  I think that this lovely plate was in the $3 range.


Now you pay for your dishes based on the number of plates and the color of those plates.  The Husband and I were eating light so we were out for under $20.  Definitely an adventure worth another visit!  Thanks, Sushi Kaiten!



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2 responses to “A kaiten?

  1. I have never heard of that before!! That’s pretty freaking cool, I would love to try it! The Husband is not a sushi fan so I doubt I could drag him there though. Maybe if I found one that served steak!

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