Georgia Boys and a CSA

Hope everyone’s Monday passed uneventfully!  We are now on to Tuesday and all I can think about is the weekend!  We had a blast this last weekend going a little bit into the mountains (more about that later).  Anyway, like I was saying I am always planning for the weekend.  There are two things we always do on the weekend: 1) eat out WAY too much and 2) go the farmer’s market.

Let’s start with #1!  One of my favorite places to grab a bite is Georgia Boy’s.


I can only eat there during the weekend as they don’t deliver to Boulder on the weekdays.  We always have a jar (or 2) of there BBQ in our fridge and I would love to keep their green bean casserole there as well.  Amazing food, huge portions, and great people.  I sadly don’t have any pictures of my actual plate of food as I can’t manage to wait.  Head over to there website for some salivating!  If you are ever in the area, they are definitely worth the visit.


The second part of our weekend is the farmer’s market.  We aim to go every Saturday morning to grab a cup of coffee and all the produce we need for the week.  While we don’t have any food restrictions in our house, eating local is always a plus.  I like to know that I am supporting a friend, my community, and my health with local vegetables.  I actually drive by Guerrilla Farms and Ginger Cat farms every day on my way to work.  It’s nice to see them all out working and to get an early preview of what I will be eating.


This season, we signed up for a CSA with Guerrilla Farms.  Love that we can pick this up at the market or at our local brewery if our schedules are wierd.  Great food, great price!  Cannot wait for all of the squash at the end of the season.  Also love that the CSA forces us to use things we wouldn’t normally buy.  Who knew I liked Turnips?


What are some of your favorite local eats?


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